Kwikset / Weiser Smart Key Lock is Too Easy to Open | Mr. Locksmith Video


The Kwikset / Weiser Smart Key Lock is too easy to open. Customer lost their keys and I opened the Smart Key Deadbolt is less than 30 seconds. To purchase the Smart / Dumb Key Force Tool go to my Mr. Locksmith Training website… To learn more about the 10+ ways to defeat this lock and purchase the not so Smart “Dumb Key Force Tool.” Click on “Online Store”

Anybody with no skill or training can open this lock. The new condo building, $500,000+ per one bedroom condo, has Smart Key Deadbolts on the front door of every condo. See my other demo video on YouTube “How to Open the Kwikset / Weiser Smart Key Lock in Under 10 seconds” at

Also, see my Blog “The Emperor Has No Clothes” at…

These locks have a security flaw and should be replaced ASAP. I am a professional locksmith in Vancouver, but anyone can pick a lock like this without training or taking a course… or even any sophisticated tools!

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Read my Mr. Locksmith Blog “The Emperor has No Clothes or Weiser / Kwikset Smart Key Lock has a Security Flaw”…

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