Vancouver 4 Days Hands-on Insitutional Locksmith Training | Mr. Locksmith

Vancouver 4 Days Hands-on Insitutional Locksmith Training | Mr. Locksmith

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The Hands-on and On-line Professional Insitutional Locksmith course provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of Insitutional Locks.

4 Days Hands-on Locksmith Training: Vancouver BC.

  • May 8-11, 2017 – Monday to Thursday (10am-3pm) Vancouver, British Columbia
  • June 5-8, 2017 – Monday to Thursday (10am-3pm) Vancouver, British Columbia
  • October 16-19, 2017 – Monday to Thursday (10am-3pm) Vancouver, British Columbia
  • January 22-25, 2018 – Monday to Thursday (10am-3pm) Vancouver, British Columbia

12 – 24 Months Institutional On-Line Locksmithing Class which is designed to teach engineering or maintenance employees for large facilities (School, Hospital, Corrections, etc.).

Certificate in Insitutional Locksmithing

Real hands-on locksmithing class  designed to teach engineering or maintenance employees for small or large facilities (School, Hospital, Corrections, Policing, etc.) and is a good start for beginners to help you become a locksmith or start your own locksmith business.

Our Mr. Locksmith Professional Locksmith state-of-the-art training provides hands-on comprehensive knowledge about locking and unlocking principles, security issues, and effective use of cutting-edge products.

During the 4 Day Hands-On Locksmith Class taught by Terry Whin-Yates each student will cut over 25+ keys per students (by code and manual key machines) and rekey, shim, pick open, take apart (and put back together) lots of locks (deadbolts and key in knobs). Also, lock-outs, broken keys and picking locks. Learn the two most popular methods of picking locks and my own technique that I have developed over the past 35 years to pick open locks.

There are many advantages to having a professionally trained Insitutional locksmith on staff.  Upgrading your maintance, carpenters to be your in-house Insitutional Locksmith will save you thousands of dollars per year. Every door in your facility has a locks and key or an access control system. These locks often need to be re-keyed, repaired, or replaced.  Having a professional trained Insitutional Locksmith on staff at your facility can help efficiently resolve security issues and can also better secure your facilities.  This will also provide a significant cost savings over calling a contract locksmith.  This course is designed to teach your In-House Maintenance Staff how to perform Insitutional locksmithing in house.

Bringing your locksmithing in-house will save you time, money and provide better security.

The training in this Insitutional Locksmith course will provide you with the skills necessary to become a more efficient and competent technician who can service, install, troubleshoot and masterkey, industrial lock systems.

This On-Line and Hands-on Insitutional Locksmith Training gives you the opportunity to have professionally trained Locksmith’s on your property daily. This saves you money, time, secures your facilities, resolves security issues, gives you first line of defense and improves your Facility Management.  This program was designed for the beginner as well as the experienced locksmith. We take you from the first steps in locksmithing to advanced locksmithing.

Complete Series: Includes all Introduction to On-Line Insitutional Locksmith Training and an added Bonus the Consumer Safe Series (Sentry Safes, First Alert Safes, Hotel Safes, etc.) and Institutional Safes.

  • Rekeying Locks
  • Master-keying
  • Key Control
  • Institutional Software for Key and Lock Control
  • High Security Locks
  • Emergency Lock Down Procedures
  • Emergency Lock Down Locks and Doors
  • Servicing Panic Hardware
  • Padlocks
  • Key Blank Idenfication
  • Duplicating and Cutting Keys by Code
  • How to open malfunctioning locks
  • How to open vandalized locks
  • Bypass Techniques
  • Stand Alone Access Control
  • Integrated Access Control
  • Panic Hardware
  • Door Closers
  • Securing High Risk Areas
  • Lock type identification, installation and service
  • ANSI/BHMA standards
  • Padlocks (regular to High Security)
  • Safes
  • Suppliers
  • Skype Conferencing or by appointment.

Exam: Optional On-line exam is 200 questions.

To Sign-up for The Certificate in Institutional Locksmithing go to Mr. Locksmith Training.

* Help with key control and master keying issues
* Help with technical information
* Help locating parts, supplies, key codes, etc.
* Help communicating internal needs to their institution.
* Help with electronic or access control issues.

Duties of an Insitutional Locksmith

Duties of an Insitutional Locksmith include installing, adjusting and repairing locks, making keys, and changing lock combinations. Locksmiths work on residential, automotive, commercial and institutional lock sets and door hardware. Locksmiths may also install and maintain more sophisticated security systems.

In general, the duties of an Insitutional Locksmith include:

  • servicing and installing high-security lock systems and key control systems, window bars, deadlocks, and keyless entry locks
  • repairing, replacing, or adjusting damaged or defective components of an entrance or exit door, including door closers, hinges, electric release mechanisms and sometimes the door itself
  • changing lock key combinations by inserting new pins into locks
  • designing complex master key systems for industry, governments, and institutions

Insitutional Locksmith Working Conditions

Usually Insitutional Locksmiths work a five-day week but may be on-call nights and weekends to respond to emergencies. Some Institutional Locksmiths are may be required to work longer hours and have clerical duties related to running and maintaining larger facilities. Some Insitutional Locksmith shops, especially mobile units, may be small and crowded, requiring Insitutional Locksmiths to work around benches, counters and stock. They sometimes are required to work in awkward or confined spaces. Those working in mobile units may be required to work in adverse weather conditions.

To Sign-up for The Certificate in Institutional Locksmithing go to Mr. Locksmith Training.

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